Ong Tho Rice and Ma Nam Rice products aim to serve exactly the taste of rice users, helping customers feel better and more right.

  • Since the beginning of Vietnam, paddy rice production has long been the people's most important and oldest source of income. However, season by season farmers always got more challenges by oversupply with low price or high prices but lost harvest, uncertain of when it will come to an end.

    Gao Ong Tho EMPATHIZES with the struggles faced by farmers, spanning from the salinity seaside to the mountainous regions. DEDICATED to discover local and regional specialty rice seed we have been empowered on the journey of building our brand, forging a path fuelled by passion and a commitment to excellence. We are AMBITIOUS to raise the value of Vietnamese rice while also offering the finest products enriched with the sweat and compassion of our farmers, as well as the tireless research efforts of our scientists. This is our mission as we seek to demonstrate our brand. We acknowledges and applauds the farmers' benefits alongside the scientists' intellectual property. We are honoured to work with farmers to create a global reputation for Vietnamese rice.

    EMPATHY- DEDICATION- AMBITION are the value we strive to offer in every product.


  • OUR VISION Ong Tho Rice aspires to be the firm that produces and brands Vietnamese premium rice that are cultivated sustainably and safely to the worldwide trading market.
  • OUR MISSIONDeveloping an ecosystem of rice plantation contract farmers where quality are fully controlled from the field to retail store to improve Vietnamese premium rice brand value.
  • OUR CORE VALUES"Well-managed rice quality from the rice plantation to consumer's kitchen" is our goal to pursue in every product.